A less expensive way to get help!

Many times, customers call us on the phone about a computer problem or question they have. It is extremely difficult to diagnose, much less "fix" the problem via a telephone call. It usually ends up frustrating BOTH callers!

We now have a solution to that problem. We're experimenting with a type of "remote control" program that allows us to control your computer for you while we're talking to you on the telephone. We've done a few tests of this software and it certainly seems to do all of this and more.

In order for us to access your computer, you need to connect to a small program located at the bottom of this page. (We call it "SeniorTech-Remote") Each time you run this program, you will be shown a different "access code" and a "password." We talk to each other on the phone, you give us that access code and password, and before you know it, we can take control of your computer. This way we can diagnose your problem and fix it while you watch.

More important than merely "fixing" your computer, we can actually give you computer LESSONS while talking to you on the phone.

And the best part of using this method is the CO$T! If we have to visit you in your home, our rate (as you know) is $30-35 per hour-lesson. If we can resolve your issue using this new "remote" method, we only have to charge you $20.00 per hour. (Most issues can be resolved in less time than that, so this is a real "bargain.")

NOTE: Once we disconnect from our "lesson," we will no longer be able to control (or even LOOK at) your computer until the next time you call us with a problem, and give us the NEW access code and password. In other words, we can NEVER "peek" at what you're doing without your PERMISSION!

Here is the program you will need. You should NOT try to download/install this program without our help. We will talk to you on the telephone and give you specific, easy-to-understand instructions on how to do this.